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About Us
Since our beginning in 1997, we have been dedicated to serving our customers at the highest level possible.

OUR MISSION: To be your trusted and reliable solution provider and your single source for threaded fasteners whether standard or special.

In 2008 in addition to our established fastener distribution business, we committed ourselves to building a machining and manufacturing division to fill the growing need for our specialty fasteners and custom machining items.

Today, Tri-States Sales has achieved a leadership position in manufacturing and distributing the highest quality threaded fasteners. Combined with our custom machining and manufacturing facilities there is nothing that can't be done.



Our facilities occupy 30,000 square feet on just under 5 acres of land. Our large inventory of stock parts is designed to ensure fast delivery and our manufacturing plant is tooled to fabricate special orders to your exact specifications in any quantity required.

For over 15 years we have supplied items to almost every industry. Whether your business is supplying or building products to construction,power generation, petro chemical industries or just keeping our country up and running. Tri-States is there for you.

With the expertise provided by our highly trained and experienced staff, you can be sure your parts will be manufactured to your exact specifications and delivered in the timeliest manner. Committed to the quality control and reliability required to meet you - and your customer’s - high standards, Tri-States Sales is where manufacturing and customer service united.